Friday, 28 August 2015

creative stamping 26 - Feathered Friends

This week I have been working with the latest creative stamping magazine stamps "Feathered friends".
The main focus this time was working with the new colour cloud inks from cosmic shimmer / creative expressions and also using the dies we have with the designs.
This was great for trying all sorts out with the inks -=  some worked better than others but I have included most of what I have done  just because it shows how the inks work in different situations.

  The owls don't show up very well on this picture so I've done a separate picture below. This also shows how I have used the Stampendous pop up die, and the dreamweaver tree die with the owls.
(note most of the dies above are from creative expressions - The Sue Wilson dies, with a couple of Spellbinders)

Monday, 24 August 2015

fantasy ? So

Well I was going to do a workshop involving some fairies from a die that one of our reps inspired me with but I been unable to get it - I gather it has just come back into stock at suppliers but after my first workshop date on this, so I worked with what I had got. The unicorn from Stampendous I love and since I had one for sale I wanted to incorporate this. Doing it a different way from earlier cards I was able to utilise the clarity silver birch trees also. The children are not strictly fantasy but it was another stamp I wanted to sell so I used it instead of my fairies.
So not strictly fantasy but........

I'm now working on the latest creative stamping magazine stamps "Feathered friends" so that should be next week's board

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I've had a busy week with customers wanting special cards this week so instead of working on new stuff I've been doing variations on a theme. I took the basic idea from the card we did with Phil Martin but altered the size to be more useable and coloured with the new colour cloud inks instead of gilding wax. The results are shown below

This proved a popular design as I have sold 4 out o 5 already!

The card below was made at a workshop by Sharon and show yet another flower used in the design.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Peter Rabbit and friends

I was asked to do a Peter Rabbit card this week so I got out my print outs from the Peter Rabbit CD from crafters companion and set to to see how many variations I could do with these. (Also thinking I still have one of these for sale in the shop so perhaps samples would tempt someone into buying it..) I do get carried away with this sort of thing and keep trying various combinations until I realise I have spent days on this topic and really do need to get on with something else.
Here are some of my samples - sorry the picture seems a little dark at the back.

Monday, 3 August 2015

creative stamping - A tropical summer

This week I am going to show you some variations of my creative stamping cards which were done at the full day workshop this week. Since they showed me cards individually you are in for a treat - that of seeing cards in more detail than I usually show from my workshop boards. I hope you like them. If you are local and wish to try again the workshop is to be repeated soon - see my workshop list at