Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Creative pastimes

I wondered about creative pass times for those who may not want to do cards all of the time. Thinking of the colouring books about, I thought we could easily create our own using our stamps and then look at different ways of colouring the images. The layout of the pages is different for each stamp and I've spaced them out so they could be cut out and used on cards as desired. Not all pages are shown here but another thought was sending cards for children to colour

Wondering what else comes into this category I thought of creative doodling. Doing structured patterns similar to the zentangle ideas but in stamped or stencilled images can be rewarding but you don't have to worry about the overall images. Most of these ideas come from previous samples I have done

Then I heard on the radio that origami would be the next big thing (yet to see evidence of this though) so I pulled out some of the ideas I had done here - bags and boxes are always more useful that some of the origami shapes but I do love these flowers

Saturday, 4 February 2017


I had intended to do frames and apertures together but then I had too many ideas for 1 workshop so I separated them. There are a few that are not true apertures in that I have filled the hole with acetate  - but from the idea that you see through an aperture to what is behind I think they should be here.
Again lots of idea and some not more to come- hence the odd example from Christmas to show what can be done. I shall keep working on the ideas........