Monday, 27 October 2014

Sorry I missed last week, didn't have too much time to play and what I did wasn't finished so I'll make up for it this week.
I have been looking at new products in e.g. spellbinders scene, Vienna die from creative expressions and then for those who had purchased the pivot and accordian dies earlier this year I tried Christmas variations.
My results are just trying different ways with these dies so some will end up in "quick cards" workshop, others for "Specials" alongside those in my last posting and others in the "more ideas" workshop.

Simple backgrounds to the spellbinders die but trying to see what worked best.

 Below are some uses of the Vienna die - poinsettias get everywhere this year!!

The a couple of quick cards using the pattern part of the die

Just a couple of extra cards ( creative expressions tree & frame, Marianne snowman and deer)
 then the pivot and accordian dies we used earlier in the year
Well I'll see what  else I can come up with this week

Saturday, 11 October 2014

This week I've been working on quick cards and special cards. I'm going to show you the specials today.
Some of these are new like the box card ( thanks to Sharon Bramley for the original idea which I have adapted) others are old styles but for those of you who haven't seen them before I thought I'd include them.
Dies used here are mainly Marianne but 2 are Cheery Lynn.

 These are my tunnel squeezy cards where the apertures get smaller to stress the distance

Another box style with new dies from creative expressions

My fold back aperture cards suit a variety of  adaptations
 The card below is the one we did with Jane Gill on the Woodware retailers workshop which is similar to my tunnel squeezy above but has a front cover
 Other types which fold flat.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

This week I have been trying to finish the board for the Creative Stamping 19 " Classic Christmas". I still have a few of these magazines & stamps available for anyone interested. We do a full day and half day workshop using the magazine stamps - details on my website .
I try to use a variety of techniques with these stamps and some of the other new items in store like the tree pivot die. Others like the Christmas tree easel I show "how to ..." get the effect you need.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Over the last week I have been working on the "Stencils & Masks" workshop and the Christmas Creative Stamping. This week I'm showing you the "Stencils & Masks" - the other will be next weeks by which time I have hopefully used all of the stamps.
I started   "Stencils & Masks" with the intention of using the sparkle glitter pastes and inking methods as the main methods for the workshop but soon decided I needed to try other things so I did some " Molten Magic" and then ideas for the next Stencil course workshop where we are covering Pearlescent paste, translucent paste, crackle paste (but this card wasn't dry enough to finish) and Zentangle. I do love exploring different ways of using the stencils.