Thursday, 27 February 2014

I've just got a couple of photos of the cards done at yesterday's workshop "Timeless Opulence". This was the half day session - full day on Tues if you care to join us.

Sorry photos not as good as I'd have liked but hopefully you get the idea.

After 2 days with workshops I finally got round to thinking of a new baby card but unfortunately didn't feel very inspired. I tried one new idea, was unsure so adapted a recent workshop one, then was reminded of one I'd done years ago but not sure....
My attempts are below - still not sure which to use - perhaps I'll get some inspiration tomorrow

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I've been having a busy time lately. First of all we had the trade show which I mentioned on my last post. In order to show you the new products I have purchased I will be doing a
DEMO WEEKEND on Saturday 15th March from 10 'till 5 and Sunday 16th March from 11 till 4 30.
in the shop at Laneham. We hope to see lots of you there.

Then last Friday - 21st FEB. our first grandson was born. A picture of Henry is enclosed for those who may be interested.

I then went to Skipton for a Dreamweaver Accreditation Course at Woodware for 2 long days ( 8 o'clock starts were challenging for me but I managed!)
 Lynell Harlow from Dreamweaver ran the course and we went through lots of different techniques with stencils. I had done most of them before but here we learnt the finer details of colouring etc. which I shall be able to pass on to you during my workshops.
 The boards we did during the course are shown below.

I now have a project to do in order to obtain my accreditation, so that will be next weekend's job!
Workshops during the year will include different ideas with stencils but I can also do a course if anyone is interested.

A baby card is my next project but that will have to wait until Thursday since I have a workshop to do & get ready for tomorrow. It's Creative Stamping - Timeless Opulence I have done some extra cards for this now but haven't taken a picture of the finished board yet.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

We've just had a lovely 3 days at the trade show. While I didn't have a lot to spend I have found some nice new products from our main suppliers which should be coming soon.
We did some nice make and takes with new products from Woodware - (who also distribute Dreamweaver and Stampendous products) and a couple of bits with Stix 2. These are shown in the picture below. There are variations on some since Maureen and Val's cards are also here.

Some of these will be included in new workshop program for April onwards.

Friday, 14 February 2014

"Timeless Opulence"

I've been working all week on the "Timeless Opulence" stamps that are with the latest edition of Creative Stamping. I haven't finished - there are other ideas I want to try but I got waylaid with trying different options for the man. Anyway the board so far is

Hope those of you with the magazine are coming up with great ideas.

I'm busy packing now for my few days away at the "Craft, Hobby & Stitch" trade show so hopefully I'll come back really inspired with lots of ideas I can adapt for you. The shop is open as usual but I will not be there Saturday afternoon & Tuesday and it will be times stated not my usual extended hours

More next week

Monday, 10 February 2014

 I Think the only completed workshop board I haven't shown you  is the creative stamping "Celebrations".
We have done the workshops on these now but in case you purchased the magazine which includes the sheet of stamps I thought you might like to see how I've used them. I still have a few copies of this magazine left so if you want one give me a call  01777 228775.

 I always do a full day workshop (as well as a half day)  using the magazine stamps and try to come up with 8 different ways / techniques using the stamps. I also used The Dreamweaver tile stencil, Nellies heart die cuts and some spellbinder nestabilities. The bottle & glasses on the tile was dipped into a melt pot to create a glass effect. Rocking horses were flat decoupaged then covered with 2 -3 layers of clear powder with a little of the Stampendous tinsel pink / blue powder sprinkled in the top layer.

Now I've caught up with myself and the workshop boards prepared I won't be posting quite so often. This week I am continuing work on the current issue of creative stamping "Timeless Opulence" so should have the board ready to show you by Thursday evening

Sunday, 9 February 2014

So much for being closed Sundays - I've spent all afternoon there yet again, although I will be closed for the next few Sundays since other things happening!
Realised this week we have the new 3 in 1 kits from Couture Creations.. These kits have stamps, die cuts and embossing folders to go together. The workshop board is shown below.

Carol, one of my customers, sent me her blog address, to view a nice card she had made with the set she had purchased.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I've only managed to do one card today from the Timeless Opulence set so I'll leave posting that for another day. Meanwhile I'll show you another workshop board. This is "Flowers & Leaves" which uses some stamps and large peel offs from Woodware. I have looked at using card candi, adding little bits of zentangle to coloured images, colouring and backgrounds with "Silkies"( paints that look like nailvarnish!) and colouring metal and peel offs (and candi) with alchohol inks.

There are also pictures of 2 cards we did at woodware last September - an option for anyone who chooses.
This workshop is repeated in March for anyone interested - see workshop list on the website

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Today I've been preparing for the next jewellery workshop. I tried adapting a ring idea from My Leanne Creative Beads & Pearls book into a bracelet. The 2 versions I tried are here - sorry about quality of pictures - once again not good doing it at the end of the day!!

My next job is to get started on the creative stamping "Timeless Opulence" set. I still have plenty of these left if anyone is interested - I gather other shops have sold out already. Anyway day off tomorrow so not likely to add anything new then although there are still some workshop boards to show you that I haven't put on yet so maybe...........

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yesterday and today I've been working on the 3D flower workshop. I have a board full of flowers that we can make and often put some of the simpler ones on workshop cards but I have looked at 4 types today.
1. - flowers from card candi,
2. Big Flowers from a dress punch - Jane Gill gave us the instructions for these on a retailer training workshop at Woodware in September. They both look different and weremade at the end of the day so not perfect but you get the idea.
3. Roses and leaves in the meltpot. I have done the roses in 2 different ways  from 10 hearts and from 3 x 6 petal flowers.
4. Flowers from assorted materials - felt, organza and mulberry paper etc ( Not sure if I've included the paper ones on the board!)

Sorry photography isn't as good as could be and this isn't helped doing it at the end of the day! but hey I'm doing well getting these on every day - it's only because I haven't been busy though that I've had time to do it. It will not last ... or at least from a business point of view I hope it doesn't, but I will post when I can.

This is the board of all the flowers we can do if requested.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Just to let you know I've found the stencils used for cards recently shown.
Dreamweaver LL393 weather vane cockerel ; LG753 sunrise cockerel ; Lm191 cow;  LL3020 cat; LL3029 dog & DL3029 dog die: LX 7020 tree & DX7020 for tree die; LJ 910 fields and LJ905 rain.

Close up pictures of cows in the fields ( can't find the picture with embossing paste but it's on the board)  and cockerels are

The black cows are embossing paste but the brown one is embossing p owder over brown ink. The first cockerel is bronze paste with mica powders on tail feathers but the second is matte paste coloured with inks when dry.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi - hope somebody is viewing this. I thought I'd add a close up of the cards mentioned from the Dreamweaver board yesterday. I love all of the Dreamweaver stencil cards but thought I'd show Dog & Cat today.

Both cards use the fields inked through, dog / cat in black embossing paste, Picasso tool for cloudy sky, tree die and rain stencil. The cat has the rain in translucent paste and the dog just inked through. I don't have the reference numbers at the moment - all are in stock at the shop and I can find references if needed or look on woodware or dreamweaver website.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Now I'm on the other computer I'm going to try and load some of the workshop boards.

This is the creative stamping board to give you some ideas for your magazine stamps. This was "Celebrations" and I still have some of these magazines left. I haven't had a chance to try the latest issue "Timeless Opulence" yet - but the samples will be done in the next couple of weeks.

Next we have the "Animal Stencilling" board - using the dreamweaver stencils. I have loved doing these. The cows have the fields done in a variety of ways- matte stencil paste coloured, embossed though machine and coloured then straight forward inking through stencil so that I could move it across the page and only use part of it as I also did with the black paste dog & cat. The dog and cat also have RAIN - very appropriate at the moment. I just inked through the stencil for the dog but then tried translucent paste for cat - a lovely effect! In this workshop I have tried to use different pastes in different ways and also look at the difference in using the dog and tree stencils and new die cuts ( The one in the middle still needs a dog in the other direction - I need to finish this!). Do come along and have a go . This workshop is on this Tues and then Weds 12th MArch.

The other workshop this week is the masks - similar to stencils but different in many ways.

I have tried to explore a number of different ways we can use masks here - there are more examples done after the photo was taken but this gives you some idea. I have embossed with machine and paste. Used the stencils as stamps as well as many other bits.

If you fancy a go at either of these visit my website for details of courses
I'm leaving it for now just in case they don't come through properly

getting started

well I don't now how this works but I'm just trying it out so let's see what happens. It will be completely random at the moment while I check out what's what.

This is a photo of me with my family on a surprise 60th birthday trip last year.

I now need to leave this computer and go to my other one where all of the card information is held.
Speak again soon........