Monday, 26 May 2014

After a successful day 1 of our stencil course I got enthusiastic about playing with my stencils and so tried out some ideas which will form part of the summer workshops.
 Summer workshops (just published on my website) are theme based and so include a mixture of techniques - stamping, stencilling, die cutting etc. This can be seen on the MORE ANIMALS board  which I have included here although it is not yet complete. The fox and elephant are dreamweaver stencils, The horse is from Stampendous ( with a creative palette background) and the cats are Marianne dies.

Then I looked at some I can use in "A Woman's world", The apron from Dreamweaver comes as both a die and a stencil although I have only used the stencil here..

whereas here I have used both the stencil and die teacups. The first card is stencil only , the blue and pink uses both and the "you and me" card (done at a dreamweaver workshop so not my idea but I like it!) uses the die only.

I am also still working on other ideas for these two workshops and the creative stamping but I'll have to see how far I get after this weeks workshops. ( I am missing the extra time from being closed Sundays - hence the fact that I am now going down to the shop on this bank Holiday Monday!)

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