Monday, 2 February 2015

Over the last week I have been looking into the "tonal cards". The idea for this came from the cosmic shimmer ranges which are supposed to be different products of the same tonal colour. I initially selected the pink and blue ranges but as I tried them out I became disappointed. The sprays were nothing like the other products and so my initial thoughts needed changing. I then collected together all sorts of pink & blue products which I had as well as shades of other colours and looked at what went well together. I produced samples of each using different methods embossing, inking, stamping,  powders, micas, metallic rub ons, inks
etc and then looked at putting some of the bits I'd done together - so if they seem random bits that's why! I id find in many instances that 1 other colour needed adding e.g. bits of black or the gold on green.
Now I've widened what I'm doing this is obviously a work in progress but here are some of the cards |I have done so far

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