Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yesterday and today I've been working on the 3D flower workshop. I have a board full of flowers that we can make and often put some of the simpler ones on workshop cards but I have looked at 4 types today.
1. - flowers from card candi,
2. Big Flowers from a dress punch - Jane Gill gave us the instructions for these on a retailer training workshop at Woodware in September. They both look different and weremade at the end of the day so not perfect but you get the idea.
3. Roses and leaves in the meltpot. I have done the roses in 2 different ways  from 10 hearts and from 3 x 6 petal flowers.
4. Flowers from assorted materials - felt, organza and mulberry paper etc ( Not sure if I've included the paper ones on the board!)

Sorry photography isn't as good as could be and this isn't helped doing it at the end of the day! but hey I'm doing well getting these on every day - it's only because I haven't been busy though that I've had time to do it. It will not last ... or at least from a business point of view I hope it doesn't, but I will post when I can.

This is the board of all the flowers we can do if requested.

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