Sunday, 2 February 2014

Now I'm on the other computer I'm going to try and load some of the workshop boards.

This is the creative stamping board to give you some ideas for your magazine stamps. This was "Celebrations" and I still have some of these magazines left. I haven't had a chance to try the latest issue "Timeless Opulence" yet - but the samples will be done in the next couple of weeks.

Next we have the "Animal Stencilling" board - using the dreamweaver stencils. I have loved doing these. The cows have the fields done in a variety of ways- matte stencil paste coloured, embossed though machine and coloured then straight forward inking through stencil so that I could move it across the page and only use part of it as I also did with the black paste dog & cat. The dog and cat also have RAIN - very appropriate at the moment. I just inked through the stencil for the dog but then tried translucent paste for cat - a lovely effect! In this workshop I have tried to use different pastes in different ways and also look at the difference in using the dog and tree stencils and new die cuts ( The one in the middle still needs a dog in the other direction - I need to finish this!). Do come along and have a go . This workshop is on this Tues and then Weds 12th MArch.

The other workshop this week is the masks - similar to stencils but different in many ways.

I have tried to explore a number of different ways we can use masks here - there are more examples done after the photo was taken but this gives you some idea. I have embossed with machine and paste. Used the stencils as stamps as well as many other bits.

If you fancy a go at either of these visit my website for details of courses
I'm leaving it for now just in case they don't come through properly

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